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Physics Models for School Students


Density Effect on Amplitude

The objective is to test jars full of helium, air, and carbon dioxide, all different densities, to see if density affects the amplitude of buzzing in the jar. I believe the density of a medium does affect the amplitude of sound traveling through it. The amplitude of the buzzing in CO(2) will be greater than the buzzing in air, which will be greater than in helium because the more dense the medium......>>>>Read More


Photoelectrochemical Cell to Obtain Hydrogen from Water with Visible Light

The present demand for energy is growing and fossil fuels are not a sustainable energy source. Emissions from fossil fuels significantly degrade air quality and the greenhouse gasses they release are a leading factor in global warming. Direct solar energy has not proven reliable enough to replace fossil fuels because the sun is not always out. Solar produced hydrogen is a sustainable, storable, green energy solution......>>>>Read More


Brass Instruments and Artificial Lips

Our main project goal was to find out how different variations of brass horns and mouthpieces affect the sound ultimately produced by a brass instrument. 5 Different mouthpieces, which have different attributes. 3 Different "Low Brass" horns: 1) Kanstul Silver Baritone, 2) Horn Conn Brass Baritone Horn, 3) Conn Director 18H Trombone A Wooden, hermetically sealed, box, containing artificial lips made out of latex ......>>>>Read More


Analysis of Black Hole Thermodynamics

The purpose of this project was to determine the effects of the temperature of the universe on Black Holes as the universe ages. The larger the Black Hole, the longer it would take to reach equilibrium with the temperature of the universe because it is cooler than smaller Black Holes. Once it does reach equilibrium, a larger Black Hole radiates less than a smaller one......>>>>Read More


AC Transformer

A Transformer based on the Principle of mutual induction according to this principle, the amount of magnetic flux linked with a coil changing, an e.m.f is induced in the neighbouring coil. A transformer consists of a rectangular shaft iron core made of laminated sheets, well insulated from one another. Two coils p1 & p2 and s1 & s2 are wound on the same core, but are well insulated with each other.......>>>>Read More


Count on Calories

My project was to calculate the approximate food energy content in a peanut, an oyster cracker, and a mini-marshmallow and then compare my data with the actual Calorie count as listed on each foods nutrition facts label. The comparison of the experimental values with the label values will help me understand how the Calories in different types of food relate to the amount of energy one gets from those foods.......>>>>Read More


Solar Cells

The objective of the project is to determine if dye-sensitized solar cells that implement berry pigments absorb more solar energy than dye-sensitized solar cells that implement leaf pigments. Eight dye-sensitized solar cells were made, two implementing raspberry pigments, two implementing blueberry pigments, two implementing blackberries, and two solar cells implementing lemon leaf pigments......>>>>Read More


Electronic Eye

Electronic eye has much use in this electronic age. Also known as Magic eye. When electric power was first used to light up streets at night, someone in each street became in charge of turning on the light at nights and turn it back off in the mornings. Today electric eyes automatically turn on the lights when it becomes dark. It can be used as an automatic guest indicator at the door......>>>>Read More


The Liquid Lens

Aim is to find the refractive index of a) water, b) coconut oil using a plane mirror, and an equiconvex lens made of glass and an adjustable object needle. The theory behind liquid lens is based on the properties of one or more liquids to create magnifications within a small amount of space.The focus of a liquid lens is controlled by the surface of the liquid......>>>>Read More


Logic Gate

This Logic Gate circuit uses NOT gate from CMOS I.C CD 4049. CD 4049 contains 6 independent NOT gate in one package; we have used here (a) one only. Advantage of using Logic gate is that data can be easily send to other digital interface device ie one can easily fed data to computer using parallel port or for further processing .To detect the present of an object we have used LDR and a source of light.......>>>>Read More


Creating Sound with Heat

The objective is to understand and demonstrate the thermoacoustic phenomenon, which uses heat to initiate the oscillation of gas without moving parts. The second objective is to characterize the properties of a thermoacoustic engine. The third objective is to use solar energy to power the engine and to test different engine designs. My hypothesis is that the sound intensity......>>>>Read More



A Photoresistor or light dependent resistor (LDR) is a resistor whose resistance decreases with increasing incident light intensity. It can also be referred to as a photoconductor or CdS device, which is the material from which the device is made and that actually exhibits the variation in resistance with light level. To determine the response of a photoresistor to the varying intensity of light falling on it and deduce the spectral sensitivity of the semiconductor material......>>>>Read More


Investigate the Relation between Output and Input Voltage

A transformer is an electrical device which is used for changing the A.C. voltages. A transformer is most widely used device in both low and high current circuit. As such transformers are built in an amazing strength of sizes. In electronic, measurement and control circuits, transformer size may be so small that it weight only a few tens of grams where as in high voltage power circuits, it may weight hundred of tones. ......>>>>Read More


The Mathematics of Sympathetic Vibrations

Which notes on a piano can induce sympathetic vibrations on an open string? Mathematical relationships between test note and open string frequencies will be used to predict which notes cause sympathetic vibrations. I predict the three test notes in my sample that are harmonics of the open string will resonate the longest.......>>>>Read More





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