In this page, you can find PHP Project Ideas Beginner , PHP Projects and PHP MySQL Projects with Source Code for Free Download for Final Year CSE and ECE Students in doing projects based on PHP. Also Explore PHP Thesis Research Papers in PDF, DOC and PPT Format for IEEE Students 2013. 

PHP P Project Ideas Beginner


Internet Banking

With internet access increasing to everyone, Internet banking (also referred as e banking) has emerged to be the latest wonder for delivery of banking products & services. Internet banking has changed the banking industry and is having the major effects on banking relationships. Banking is now no longer confined to the were one has to approach the branch in person, to withdraw cash or deposit a cheque or request......>>>>Read More


Intranet Employee Transfer Application

Develop an Intranet Application for ABC Technologies Ltd. for maintaining information related to its employees transfer and generating the transfer related documents. This application would be facilitating the system administrator (Higher Management) to search the employees transfer record, make new transfers and also amend the allowances offered to the employee which usually depends on the post of the employee and the type of transfer he is getting.......>>>>Read More


Library Management System

This project is aimed at developing an online Library Management System (LiMS) for the college library. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to search for books/magazines, reserve books, find out who is having a particular book, put in requests to buy a new book etc.......>>>>Read More



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