In this page, you can find PHP Project Topics Computer Science , PHP Projects and PHP MySQL Projects with Source Code for Free Download for Final Year CSE and ECE Students in doing projects based on PHP. Also Explore PHP Thesis Research Papers in PDF, DOC and PPT Format for IEEE Students 2013. 

PHP Project Topics Computer Science


Civil Registry

Civil Registry is the online system or agency to help the Indian citizens to apply for there government records like passport, driving license, voter's ID card, PAN card etc... And register certificates like birth, death, marriage etc. The primary objective of this web site is to give awareness about the government or legal documents and its registration details as well as to help to register or apply for those documents. ......>>>>Read More


Complaint Management System

An organization's customers may have complaints about its products. They will be given an email id for each product, where they can send an email when they have a complaint to register. The emails will get converted to complaints and get assigned to the persons handling that product. The complaints can be assigned to different persons and will get tracked to closure. ......>>>>Read More


Detection of Phishing WebPages

An approach to detection of phishing WebPages based on visual similarity is proposed, which can be utilized as a part of an enterprise solution for anti-phishing. A legitimate webpage owner can use this approach to search the Web for suspicious WebPages which are visually similar to the true webpage. A webpage is reported as a phishing suspect if the visual similarity is higher than its corresponding preset threshold.......>>>>Read More



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