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http // : U.P. Livestock Development Board - NAIP

Published on Jan 06, 2023

http // : U.P. Livestock Development Board - NAIP


http // : The Board is an autonomous body, being governed by the Board of Directors with Principal Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Govt. of U. P. as its Chairman. It is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and has a core group of professionals and limited supporting staff deployed from Animal Husbandry Department for State Implementing Agency (SIA)

The UPLDB is working in collaboration with State Animal Husbandry Department and also in co-ordination with other agencies performing cattle and buffalo breeding activities in the State, like: Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF), Bhartiya Agro Industrial Foundation Limited (BAIF), State Agricultural Universities (SAU's), State Veterinary University, Indian Veterinary Research Institute(IVRI), and ICAR institutes, etc. along with other related State departments, like Department of Rural Development.

http //

The basic aim of the Board is to restructure and reorient the cattle and buffalo breeding operations in the State.

Mission & Objectives

1. To cover all breedable bovines under organized breeding network.

2. To maintain quality breeding inputs and services

3. To conserve and develop indigenous breeds.

4. To ensure implementation of the State Breeding Policy in cattle and buffalo.

5. To develop synergies with and ensure participation of all the concerned agencies.

उत्तर प्रदेश पशुधन विकास परिषद्

Main Objectives Of The Scheme

• Livestock Insurance provides financial security as the farmer or livestock owner will be compensated in the event of death of an insured animal.

• Dependency on agriculture will be lowered.

• Improvement in rural economy.

Implementation Of The Scheme

• At State Level: Chief Executive Officer, U.P. Livestock Development Board

• At Commissionary Level: Additional Director,Grade-2, Animal Husbandry/Senior Zonal Manager, U.P.L.D.B.

• At District Level: Chief Veterinary Officer/District Manager, U.P.L.D.B.

• At Local Level: Veterinary Officer, Paravets.

Important Features Of The Scheme

• The indigenous/crossbred milch animals, pack animals (Horses, Donkey, Mules, Camels, Ponies and Cattle/Buff. Male) and other livestock (Goat, Sheep, Pigs, Rabbit) they are under the purview of the "RISK MANAGEMENT & INSURANCE".

• The benefit of subsidy is restricted to 5 big animal/50 small animal only per household.

• G.S.T. free .

• All claim amount paid to beneficiary in their bank account through R.T.G.S., so that livestock owner is compensated in the event of death of an insured animal.

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