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PMKVY Job Roles - Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council

Published on Mar 04, 2023

PMKVY Job Roles - Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC)

Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council majorly deals in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Clinical Reaserch. LSSSDC is a not for profit organisation, registered under the Societies Act, 1860. As a National level organization, in partnership with various stakeholders groups, it will serve to address the skill shortfalls in the Life Sciences Sector in India. Its aim, over a 10 year period, will be to map all job roles in the Sector (estimated 100), enlist 339 Training Organisations, train over 39,000 Trainers and certify approx. 3.4 mn skilled workers in this Sector.


The Vision of the Council is to create a robust and vibrant eco-system for development of a skilled workforce matching globally recognized standards for Life Sciences Sector in India, benefiting all stakeholders. This, whilst ensuring a sustained supply of skilled workforce, across functional areas and levels, will provide meaningful livelihood opportunities to a multitude of people in Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology and Clinical Research space in India.


LSSSDC, established by and for the Life Sciences Sector in India, will serve to address skill gaps across functional areas and levels in the Sector, by helping to generate a sustained stream of high quality skilled individuals, approx. 2.1 million in number— over 10 years. This will help in ensuring growth and competitiveness of the Sector, whilst giving these individuals access to gainful employment in this space

Objectives & Value Proposition

The Life Sciences Sector in India faces significant skill gaps , in both qualitative and quantitative terms. LSSSDC seeks to address this by focusing on sector-specific competencies/skills, quality assurance through accreditation of skills acquired by trainees, curriculum development for skills training, qualification framework and setting of standards and benchmarks, aiding in recruitment and placement of trained and skilled workforce, and becoming a repository of information. It will do so by adopting a demand (industry) led, quality focused, scalable and sustainable model— which has full support and involvement of all stakeholders, and in particular the industry



Skilladder is an Online Learning portal launched by Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC). It is seen instrumental in filling up working professional’s skill gap in their day-to-day job role requirement and make them more confident & productive workforce for the Industry.

With support of associations and its members, and key stakeholders, the LSSSDC has developed National standards (known as ‘occupation standards’) for key job roles, which account for almost 90 per cent of the job volume of the sector — currently put at eight lakhs. Of these, the four most important have been validated by the industry and are now classified by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) as ‘National Occupation Standards or NOS’.

These standards are used to evaluate/ assess the existing workforce with life sciences industry (Pharma, Biopharma & Contract research) for the identified 61 job roles to recognise their acquired skill sets at par to National standards under a Certification Program called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). As a result there are few working professionals, who are identified with Skill Gaps. For more details, please visit Process document for RPL

With inputs from Industry Experts, the national standards aligned e-content have been developed/ is being developed and is being deployed on Skilladder, so any individual falling short in any of performance stanadard, can avail the benefit of the portal in bridging the identified skill gap.

Since the job role of Medical Sales Representative (MSR) accounts for almost a quarter of the total job volume of the sector, special emphasis is given to this, by launching the Skilladder with “Medical Sales Representative” job role. For rest all job roles, the e-content is being developed and will be made available shortly.

Considering the busy working schedule of working professionals, the need of app based skilling system was deeply felt.Hence Skilladder is specifically designed so that it can be accessed via a mobile app or a computer,facilitating any where anytime learning.


• Availability on computer and mobile app, allowing anywhere anytime learning.

• Skilladder is SCORM compliant e-learning System. SCORM is the globally accepted standard for creating online learning tools for any topic. (SCORM is acronym for Shareable Content Object Reference Model)

• Crisp & easy to navigate e-content supported with coloured pictures and audio visual content.

• The e-content is based on in-built Unit Progression concept, i.e. only on finishing one unit, next unit can be accessed.

• Online forums to discuss & share knowledge/thoughts.

• Online assistance for Technical and subject related Queries.

• Inbuilt self-assessment tools with on the spot feedback facility.


• Organisations would be benefited with more confident, productive and efficient workforce, with higher productivity, and significantly improved efficiency through up-skilling; up-skilling without disrupting work.

• Individual workforce/professional would be benefited with improved motivation through National level recognition of skill set, also contributing to better career progression; learn and upskill at his/her own pace & space.

• Organizations would also be benefited with meeting the compliance of CDSCO for Skill Certification of Manufacturing Workforce, reference to the Notification released on 26th August 2016

Terms of Use

• Login for candidates are generated and allotted by LSSSDC. The user login details are notified on user’s registered email id.

• Each candidate login is valid for three months from the date of login id creation.

• During this period a candidate has access to content and get upskill.

• Candidate must ensure that he/she has successfully read/completed the entire content within the stipulated time frame of three months.

• Every unit has inbuilt self-assessment quizzes at the end to conform the learnings of the Unit read by the user. The reader must qualify the quiz with 80% to be able to proceed to next Unit.

Courses Offered for Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council

Job Role: Medical Sales Representative

Role Description: Responsible for selling company’s products to customers and building company’s image in the market.