World No Tobacco Day: How can smoking addiction be avoided in a natural way?

World No Tobacco Day

Smoking habits increase the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, stroke and cancer, but still people continue to smoke, as their addiction has led them to struggle to live without it. In 1987, the World Health Organization decided to celebrate World No Tobacco Day, ie World No Tobacco Day, on 31 May to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco use.


The corona virus epidemic that started last year also causes damage to the lungs, due to which the health of the lungs has become more important. Dr. Nikhil Modi, Senior Consultant, Indulprastha Apollo Hospitals, Pulmonary Medicine, Delhi, explained how tobacco / smoking addiction can be quit in a natural way to live a healthy life. 

Dr. Modi said that most of the people who consume tobacco have a lot of craving for it, but, whenever you have a urge for a cigarette or any kind of tobacco, wait for five to ten minutes because it is often that long. It ends Every time you avoid tobacco or cigarette consumption, you will get closer to quitting this addiction. 


Also, do not go to places where you often consume tobacco or cigarettes, such as a party or bar. Whenever you feel stressed, drink coffee instead of cigarettes. Understand the places or situations where you want to smoke cigarettes, avoid visiting these places. 

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Wait when summoned

If you feel that you have to quit this addiction, then whenever you feel like smoking cigarettes or tobacco, first wait 10 minutes – during this time focus your attention elsewhere. Move to a public place or smoke-free zone. This will make your call and after some time you will not feel like smoking cigarettes. 

Chew some

Whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette, put something in your mouth and chew it. For this you can take some gum or hard candy, or between stage or raw carrots, celery, dry fruits, sunflowers – anything crunchy that will make you feel good. Do not think that I have to have ‘just one cigarette’ with me. This one cigarette will tempt you. By doing this you are making a fool of yourself. In this way, one by one you will continue to smoke cigarettes again and again or you will keep on using tobacco again and again. 

Do exercise

Physical exercise reduces your tobacco demand. Whenever you feel like smoking cigarettes, go for a run or descend the stairs, go for a walk or jogging. This type of exercise will reduce your call. After a while you will forget the cigarette. 


Often we smoke to avoid stress. Not smoking also becomes a cause of stress. Therefore, adopt relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation exercises, yoga, massage, visualization etc. will shift your focus to the other side and you will feel calm. Similarly, to relieve tension, you can also listen to light music.

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