Kahoot Rocks: Rocks Network CORS Fix

Kahoot Rocks: Rocks Network CORS Fix

Kahoot Rocks is an alternative Kahoot client that acts like the original but adds many more features to make playing Kahoot much more enjoyable.

Our features aim to make use of the Kahoot platform to the fullest extent possible, and if you have any suggestions for features we could add, we would love to hear from you in our Discord Server. We are also working on adding features for teachers, which we hope to release early 2023

Fixes CORS related errors for when the API doesn’t work. The official Kahoot! Rocks chrome extension to fix the dreaded loading bug once and for all! Get all the answers correct on any Kahoot!’s (even challenge mode). New secrecy features allow you to randomise answer delay and change the chance of a correct answer to avoid suspicion.


Welcoming support server with moderators to help you with any issues that arise at https://rocks.network/discord. Bot games easily with the built-in Botter, allowing up to 255 bots to be added in seconds. Avoid detection with random bot names, leaving no way to link you back to the bots.

https //univision.com/activate Login Roku : Activate Univision on Roku

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Complete challenges with ease with the all new challenge mode feature, allowing huge challenges to be completed in seconds while gaining 99.9% of the maximum possible points.

Warning: This extension does not replace the https://kahoot.rocks/ website, it just prevents the bug that causes infinite loading.

Kahoot Rocks is built by a talented team of developers with years of experience reverse engineering and building upon web platforms. We previously made Rocks Network, and the world-renowned Quizizz cheat quizizz.rocks, before moving on to make numerous private cheats for GTA Online, finally returning to our roots by releasing the fastest and most advanced version of the site yet.

Why Kahoot?

Kahoot is a fun platform, and is a platform that we felt was severely lacking in a good cheat/hack so we set out to fill that gap, and make something people enjoy that works and is as customizable as possible. As said before, we have experience with other quiz services, and quite frankly they are significantly more annoying and aggressive towards these types of projects, whereas so far Kahoot have left us alone to do our own thing and let bored students have a little more fun with their service.