How to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel : Steps to Activate Call Forwarding

How to Activate Call Forwarding in Airtel : Steps to Activate Call Forwarding

What is call divert/call forward feature?

This feature allows you to divert incoming calls to any landline or mobile number. Calls can be diverted when you are busy, unavailable or travelling.


For Instant Activation:

Dial **21*+91Mobile Number# and Press OK button OR

Dial **002*+91Mobile Number# and Press OK button

For Instant Deactivation:

Dial ##21# Press OK button or

Dial ##002# Press OK button

How can I activate call divert/call forward?

For activating the service:

  1. Dial **21*Mobile Number# Press OK button.
  2. Dial **002*Mobile Number# Press OK button.

Please note:

  • Call Divert will not work on STD number.
  • Call Divert will not work on BSNL and MTNL number.
  • Call divert is not possible from Barred number.

What is call waiting?

This feature allows you to receive or hold an incoming call while you are already talking on another call. To receive the new call, put first call on hold or reject it.

How do I activate/deactivate call waiting on my mobile?

“To activate call waiting, dial *43# and Press OK for instant activationTo deactivate call waiting, dial #43# and Press Ok for instant deactivation”

Bharti Airtel announced the details of its Airtel Black Plan today. Airtel’s all-in-one plans for mobile, broadband, and DTH services are now available. How to Apply for Airtel Black Plans: Go to and fill out an application. Now you can see the several types of Airtel Black new plans, as well as the installation and servicing fees. Are you now using or planning to use Airtel’s telecommunication services? In any case, there is some excellent news for all of you. Bharti Airtel launched a next-generation AI-enabled service for all of its customers on July 2, 2021. Airtel Black Plans is the name of this service.

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Details of the Airtel Black Plan

First and first, let us state what CEO Adarsh Nair said during the Airtel Black launch. He stated, “The company has made significant investments in Artificial Intelligence.” Only AI will be used to complete the installation, and AI will also be used to make recommendations. Although we all know that Airtel has always strived to provide the greatest services to its customers, particularly in terms of plans. India is already ranked among the world’s cheapest call and internet plans. Some of India’s telecommunications corporations deserve our gratitude.

Airtel is well-known for providing excellent services in all areas of telecom, including mobile, broadband, and television. It gives their existing and new users some new features. So, here are the Airtel Black Details in a nutshell:

• For their users, they’ve established four different plans. This plan combines one or two mobile connections with a Boardband and DTH connection. It differs from one plan to the next.

• Airtel Black’s entire approach is reliant on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).

How to Activate Amazon Prime with Airtel: Amazon PVME & Prime Recharge Plans

• Users will receive a lifetime free visit for installation or issue resolution.

• Your issues or complaints will be addressed by an Airtel Black representative within 60 seconds after calling Airtel Customer Care.

• For Airtel Black, a distinct team and personnel have been assembled.

998 Rupees Plan Two postpaid connections with unlimited nation and international calls
1349 Rupees Plan Three postpaid Connection with unlimited calls
1598 Rupees Plan Two postpaid mobile connections with landline benefits
2099 Rupees Plan Three postpaid connection bundled with landline and unlimited calling for users

Airtel Black Broadband Plans

998 Rupees Plan 105 GB data 4G
1349 Rupees Plan 210 GB data 4G
1598 Rupees Plan 105 GB data at a speed of 200 Mbps
2099 Rupees Plan 260 GB data

Airtel Black DTH TV Plan

998 Rupees Plan Rupees 350 worth TV Channels
1349 Rupees Plan Xstream DT box along with rupees 350 worth TV channels. The installation will also be free.
1598 Rupees Plan There is no DTH service given in this plan
2099 Rupees Plan Rupees 424 worth TV Channels

How can I sign up for Airtel’s new Black Plan?

It is critical for users to understand how to add accounts, swap plans, and establish their own. Here’s how to register for Airtel Black. There are three possibilities:

• You can give a missed call to this number 8826655555 and an Airtel executive will call you back if you download the Airtel Thanks app and select to be a part of Airtel Black.

• To receive Airtel Black service, go to your nearest Airtel store.

• Airtel Black Plan Types

• We’ve already discussed the several types of Airtel Black Plans, but here are some more:

• Airtel Black plan (Rs 998, Rs 1,349, Rs 1,598, Rs 2,099)

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