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Stratis Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


Stratis allows for complete sidechains that are non-disruptive to the primary blockchain. Bitcoin does not allow for any sidechains. Although there have been attempts at implementation, the results have been messy and the code is a tacky add-on bandaid solution. Ethereum allows for smart contracts but they all exist on the primary blockchain. Do you really think that large corporations with billions of dollars to lose are really interested in creating projects that will co-exist with Johnny Basementdwellers latest ICO scam? Certainly no.

Smart contracts on Stratis eliminate this risk. Smart contracts on Stratis live on their own true sidechain. Companies can rest assured that their token cannot be compromised by a failed token.

When this fact alone is discovered, you will see a major shift of developers moving from Ethereum to Stratis.


With the impending release of the Breeze Wallet (see below), there is now an incredibly large incentive to run a Stratis masternode. Operating a Stratis masternode will be an incredibly lucrative venture, as it is the core backbone of the Tumblebit functionality in the upcoming Breeze wallet.

Market Value and Rank

Stratis Features

$STRAT is the fuel that powers and secures the Stratis blockchain. It is used to pay fees per transaction and as an instrument for transfer of value among participants in the Stratis marketplace. $STRAT is a digital cryptographic token that is freely traded on open exchanges as one of the top cryptocurrencies by marketcap. The Stratis blockchain is based on the Bitcoin consensus algorithm making it one of the most reliable and secure cryptographic tokens today.

Stratis Academy is the cornerstone of our aim to nurture a thriving global community for C# and .net developers and Solution Partners implementing Stratis blockchain solutions. We strive to provide an online and in-situ presence by organizing webinars, developer conferences or Slack meetups.

Where Do you see Value in Stratis?

That’s a good question and there are several answers, depending on your perspective.

Probably the most obvious answer is that it has Technical Value. By developing Stratis in C# .NET we are opening a door onto one of the largest development communities for business line apps. Stratis will bring blockchain development out into the open making it accessible to the wider developer community where hopefully, it will become a household name. You won’t need to have any experience making blockchains to be able to get started. Then of course, our lead Framework Developer, Nicolas Dorier, brings exceptional technical expertise to the project, having already put serious time and effort into the Nbitcoin protocol on which Stratis is built.

NBitcoin replicates the security and consensus model of Bitcoin giving it value above and beyond other blockchain development platforms. It preserves the most valuable features of blockchain technology, its distributed, decentralised and immutable nature but still allowing for individual customization making it unique in its approach; we think the community will love what we are building. It’s also important to mention that we have an A-team of blockchain and business apps developers now starting to build out our offering who are all devoted to creating a solid, long lasting product.

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