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Hshare Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


Hshares are pre-launch tokens that will be transferable at a 1:1 ratio for Hcash after launch.

Hcash is a new cryptocurrency that will allow value to be transferred securely between blockchains, including between blockchains and blockchain-less cryptocurrencies. Hcash will also support private transactions, DAO governance, and quantum resistance.

As of late November, Hshare (HSR) has a market cap of around $750 million with a circulating supply of 42,278,107 HSR (out of a max supply of 84 million HSR). That puts HSR in the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. 1 HSR is currently trading at a price of around $17 USD. Earlier this year, the tokens hit a price of around $41 in August 2017.

When Hcash launches, it will also have a total supply of 84 million.

How Does Hcash Work?

Obviously, securely transferring value between blockchains is a daunting task. Hcash wants to create cross-blockchain compatibility while also making it easy to transfer value from off-blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Market Value and Rank

Hshare Features

Hcash seeks to provide cross-chain compatibility by operating as a side chain for blockchain and off-blockchain cryptocurrencies. Hcash will develop two concurrent networks, including one that is blockchain-based, and the other that is non-blockchain based. These networks will offer addresses that are interoperable with other common cryptocurrencies, which means you’ll be able to send and receive multiple currencies using your single Hcash wallet.

In layman’s terms, Hcash will let you send all types of tokens from a single platform, with addresses being interoperable between blockchains. You won’t need to use an exchange to swap cryptocurrencies.

When Hcash talks about “off-blockchain” currencies, they’re not talking about fiat currencies or traditional money. Instead, they’re referring to currencies like IOTA and Byteball. These are cryptocurrencies, but they’re not based on the blockchain. They’re based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) cryptography to create a web of transactions verifying one another. Hcash wants to create a system that connects these off-chain cryptocurrencies with on-chain cryptocurrencies.

Another key problem that Hcash needs to overcome is privacy restrictions. If Hcash wants to create a side chain for many different cryptocurrencies, then it needs to implement privacy restrictions to facilitate transactions for privacy-centric coins.

That’s why Hcash plans to create two types of wallets: white and black. White addresses will be publicly viewable, while black addresses will be private.

Hcash provides privacy through a zero knowledge proof system, like the one we’ve seen in use on Zcash’s blockchain. This system masks the identity of the sender and receiver using advanced cryptography while still verifying transactions between two trustless parties.

Ultimately, Hcash has not yet launched, so we can’t verify any of the claims made by the development team. However, if they can achieve their goals, it could be a huge innovation in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hcash Token Supply

There will be a limited supply of Hcash. Approximately 84 million tokens will be created through the following channels:

21 million (25%) will be created via Proof of Work (PoW)

21 million (25%) will be created via Proof of Stake (PoS)

21 million (25%) will be issued during the ICO or given to the community for free

12.6 million (15%) will be issued during pre-ICO sales

4.2 million (5%) each will be reserved for the developmente team and the Hcash DAO

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