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GXChain Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


GXS provides a secure, fast, traceable data transaction and credit verification service based on the blockchain. GXChain is in itself a public chain that supports application development and digital currency issuance. We will gradually liberalize GXChain and our data support so that the third parties are able to develop new applications. GXShares are consumed in all application scenarios on GXChain when they are burnt and used as medium of payment.

Currently, the incubation recruitment plans for GXChain developers are under way. We provide our support in data startup, financing, platform integration and other fields.
Abundant first-hand data sources. The system has been connected to first-hand data sources provided by UnionPay and major telecom carriers, and expectably to tax authorities, social security departments and other vertical industrial data sources in the future, so as to satisfy users’ multi-dimensional needs.

Market Value and Rank

GXChain Features

Protect users’ privacy

Each data transaction is executed only upon the confirmation of data owners to eradicate illegal data trading.

Data copyright protection and traceability

Stringent protection for data copyrights with the pool of select uplinks of data sources; traceable but unfalsifiable data sources to enhance data reliability.

Uncached users’ data

No central service room or server. PTP transactions between data trading partners to eliminate data monopoly.

GXS Dapp—— the first GXChain-based decentralized APP

In GXChain Dapp, users can create blockchain identity and manage their personal information.

Dapp will verify and prove the existence of data, truly realize users manage their data themselves.

Dapp has a lot incentive and rewards that could encourage users to authorize more kinds of data.

We value privacy of every user, as data will not be cached on Dapp.

GXB Coin:

refers to the token used for settling data transactions at GXB Data Exchange. Its price is permanently fixed and its exchange rate to CNY is set at 1:1. GXB’s operator serves as the acceptor to provide the exchange service between GXB Coins and CNY

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