Information Search, Analysis And Presentation (ISAP)



One of the primary focuses of technical education is to produce employable graduates/technicians. Through a sound knowledge of the subjects is impact. ISAP play a vital role in employability. Graduates/technicians without a good communication would not be able to face a placement committee ISAP is necessary not only in placement but also for job success.

For candidates who are entering into the carriers for the first time. The following skills are highly recommended and they must be trained in the following areas:

1. Communication Skill.

2. Presentation Skill.

3. Writing Skill.

4. Group Discussion.

5. Case Study.

6. Preparing job hunting material.

7. Resume preparation.

8. Facing the interview.

9. Carrier exploration

10. Use of communication technologies.

Barriers to Communication

There are number of barriers to communication which produce noise and prevent the achievement of desired result some of these are:

1. Badly encoded message.

2. Disturbance in the transmission channel.

3. Poor retention.

4. Inattention by the receiver.

5. Unclassified assumption.

6. Mistrust between sender and receiver.

7. Premature evaluation of the message.

8. Differences in perception.

9. Misinterpretation of the message.

10. Selection of wrong variety of long wage



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