Data Warehouses, Decision Support and Data Mining

A Data Warehouse is a subject-oriented,integrated,time-variant,non-volatile collection of data used in support of management decision making processes.

The data warehouse is organized around the key subjects (or high-level entities) of the enterprise.

Major subjects include
a) Customers
b) Patients
c) Students
d) Products
e) Etc.

Data support :-

Stored collection of diverse data
A solution to data integration problem
Single repository of information
Organized by subject, not by application
Used for analysis, data mining, etc.
Optimized differently from transaction-oriented db
User interface aimed at executive decision makers and analysts.

Data mining :-

It is an attempt to find patterns and relationships hidden in data.
Data mining tools use data to build a model of the real world. The result of this modeling is a description of patterns and relationships in data.



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