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4G Broadband Technology

Published on Apr 02, 2024


4G Broadband XOHM is coming - providing next-generation mobile broadband across your city. With 4G Broadband XOHM, you no longer need to find a hotspot for a broadband internet experience - the hotspot comes with you. There are no compromises here - even if it's streaming fullscreen video. And with XOHM, you have one account and it's always available. No long-term contracts - you can pay by the day, the month or the year.

4G Broadband XOHM won't just connect WiMAX-enabled products to the internet it'll allow them to connect across the network to each other. We expect this to open exciting new experiences beyond just getting online with the potential to change how we communicate, enjoy, and achieve - for example:

Health: a mobile health monitor could track and transmit a user's vitals and alert a hospital or caregiver in case of an emergency.

Sports: a runner's performance could be monitored by WiMAX-enabled chips built into her shoes to be shared with coaches, peers or spectators.

Home Entertainment: While you're out of town, your WiMAX-enabled DVR could send a reminder to your phone that your favorite TV show is about to start - command it to record the show to watch later via your WiMAX-enabled portable video player.

4G Broadband Technology

Broadband Speed:

WiMAX outdistances Wi-Fi by miles , WiMAX is short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access , and it also goes by the IEEE name 802.16 , WiMAX would receive data from the WiMAX transmitting station, probably using encrypted data keys to prevent unauthorized users from stealing access this is the main advantage. In this way network security is also embedded.

WiMAX has the potential to do to broadband Internet access what cell phones have done to phone access. In the same way that many people have given up their "land lines" in favor of cell phones, WiMAX could replace cable and DSL services, providing universal Internet access just about anywhere you go. WiMAX will also be as painless as Wi-Fi -- turning your computer on will automatically connect you to the closest available WiMAX antenna.

XOHM's WiMAX network allows you to experience mobile internet at broadband speeds. XOHM will let you enjoy the most bandwidth-intensive applications like games, streaming movies, sharing photos and video, music and other entertainment, even on the go. Next Generation Internet :

Get ready to experience how spontaneous the internet can be. With 4G Broadband XOHM mobile broadband, you'll be able to:

• Stream movies

• Watch a video

• Download music

• Share photos

• Play games

• Instant Message

• E-mail

• Surf the web

Or whatever you want - around your home, office or on the go, wherever there's 4G Broadband XOHM coverage - all on the same connection

4G Broadband Technology

Plug and Play :

Getting started with XOHM is a snap: no wires means no service calls, drilling, or digging - just plug and play.


It is to be concluded that among all communication interfaces wireless is better one, in that going to WiMax is the better solution in all aspects, now some of the companies are trying to establish their networks using this technology.


Book: Shouldering the Weight of WiMax

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