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PPT : 8K High Resolution Camera System Seminar with Free Download

Published on Jan 03, 2023


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8K High Resolution Camera System

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Digital cinema is a promising application that utilizes high-speed optical networks to transfer super high definition (SHD) images.

The networks are primarily used for distributing digital cinema contents in packet data form, and are also used to support new services such as the live streaming of musicals and sport games to movie theaters.

While current transfer services offer high-definition (HD) quality video, live-streaming applications will soon shift to providing cinema quality 8K content to both business and movie theaters users.

The extra- high-quality 8K format enables a realistic telepresence, and will be combined with special tools such as video editing systems to realize effective remote collaboration for business workspaces.

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8K Format

— 8K is a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. It has following advantages: — 1. Higher image definition quality. — 2. More detailed picture. — 3. Better fast-action.

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Pixel Densities of 8K

— a) 1920×1080 pixels, referred to as 2K.

— b) 4096×2160 pixels, referred to as 4K.

— C)7680×4320 pixels, referred as to as 8k.

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Trial of Network Distribution of 8K Digital Cinema

— Manage cinema style license information and deliver digital cinema contents in a timely manner in compliance with the show schedule

— Handle bulk content data of DCP (200300 GB per content) reliably

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Live Streaming To Movie Theaters

— The Network can be used for both digital cinema content delivery and live streaming to other places to run the network economically.

— Once the theaters are connected to the distribution network, new applications such as public viewing of live streaming contents can be realized easily and economically

— This live-streaming application is called Other Digital Stuff (ODS) or Alternative Digital Contents (ADCs).

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— The development of the SHD imaging system described herein has accelerated the replacement of film cinema with digital cinema.

— Digital cinema will soon utilize movie content de- livery via optical networks.

— Unlike digital cinema, which needs only bulk file transfer, ODS utilizes the networks for real-time data transfer.

— Both involve one way streaming, so trans- mission latency is not a critical problem.

— To implement sophisticated Tele-presence systems, however, there is a need to reduce the transmission latency while preserving 8K/2K flexibil - ity and stability.

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