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Study on Influence of Sewage Water on Physico Chemical Properties

Published on Nov 30, 2023


Water is an important resource for the survival of any living beings. There is growing concern on deterioration of surface and sub-surface water quality due to different natural and man-made activities. Waste water discharged from various shops, domestics, industries and waste disposal by public leads to the pollution of water body. This further pollutes the nearby wells, ponds etc. Hence it is necessary to evaluate and analyze the physico–chemical parameters of water resource before it is used for life system. In this regard several investigations are carried out to evaluate physico–chemical parameters of water resources. When the sewage flows in open drainage and also unlined in a populated area, it has a negative impact on the quality of water source and life forms.

Puttur city consists of an open drain which flows through the Heart of city flowing through APMC road towards Nekkilady. About 40 years ago, this drain was one of the natural streams flowing in Puttur. Due to the rapid urbanization, disposal of waste had become one of the major problem, as a result the wastes were dumped to this open drain and had lead to conversion of stream to open drain sewer. This sewer has become a nuisance to the residents nearby and affects water sources.

Keywords : Physico-Chemical parameters, sub-surface, sewage.


1. To study the quality of sewage water flowing in open sewer from Puttur city to Nekkilady.

2. To analyse the quality of surface and sub-surface water due to impact of sewage water.

3. To study the self-purification capacity of the river at the discharge point.


The methodology of present study includes selection of study area, collection of sewage and water samples and analysis of physico-chemical properties of collected samples.

Samples were collected from various points in the study area .White cans of 2 litre capacity are used for the collection of sample. The sampling location fixed are based on high residential area. At most care was taken during sampling to avoid any kind of contamination. The collected samples were brought carefully to the lab with proper precautions and stored in refrigerator at 40. 15 sampling locations are selected in the month of April and analyzed.


Experimental analysis:

The tests conducted include pH, Electric conductivity, Chloride, Sulphate, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil and Grease, Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand and Iron tests are determined for different samples and compared with the standard limits recommended by BIS 10500-1991 and World Health Organisation(WHO).

sample collected


Observations were made from analysis and results obtained are presented in the form of tables shown.

Table No.1: Test results of various physico-chemical parameters for sub-surface water samples (W1 to W9)

Self purification

Table No.2: Test results of various physico - chemical parameters for sub-surface water samples (W10 to W15)

Self purification

Table No.3 : Test results of physico-chemical parameters for sewage water samples (S1 to S9)

Self purification

Table No.4: Test results of Self purification of river at 100m interval

Self purification


 The analysis shows that sewage which is flowing in the open drain influence the quality of collected sub-surface water sample.

 The collected water samples were beyond the limit given by BIS. Oil and grease content present in sample 1, 4, 5,6,7,12,14 and 15 which shows the pollution of water by the influence of sewage.

 In sample W4 and W14, the iron content exceeds the permissible limit (0.3-1mg/l).

 pH, Electric conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil and Grease, are determined for water samples are beyond the limit given by BIS. Result shows that the values of all other parameters of sub-surface water samples are well within the prescribed limit.

Project Done By Ms. Shrikripa, Ms. Nisha T, Ms. Rakshitha Shetty, Ms. Usharani