Remote Administration using Mobile


The mobile devices are becoming more and more popular and powerful and are providing a new notion of communication that we could once only imagine. A truly wireless mobile is new to the vast majority of computer users. We know wireless mobile phones, but the idea of being able to connect to the Internet in a similar fashion is something with ramifications we've yet to fully realize. The vast majority of us are still accustomed to plugging a modem into a phone back to connect to the Internet remotely.

The enhancements in the technologies help us to have the Internet accessing facilities even on the mobiles. Our project is related to accessing a remote PC using a mobile. The system gives the user the user the ability to access remote computer via mobile phone from everywhere in the world. The user is connected to the Internet server by a service provider according to the IP address specified by him. If a connection is established the user can access the remote system. The user can read, write and can execute specific files on the remote PC.



1. This application is designed to provide the user easy capability to administer a PC access from his mobile device.
2. This project is to enable the mobile users to control his PC information at their finger tips.
3. The application must consider the limitations of mobile devices.
4. This project involves flow of data on the Wireless Application Protocol.
5. The application must work properly without problems on all targeted devices, power supply and network support.


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