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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Some valves and valve guides are not matched suitably. So it requires regrinding of valves.

Grinding machines can probably be best classified according to the type of surfaces they are used to produce. In order to bring the job to the required shape, size and surface finish, the surplus stock is removal either by feeding the job against the revolving wheel or by forcing the revolving wheel against the job.

Precision grinding machines should be used with care and be operated by skilled personnel. As these machines are used to produce products that have close dimensional tolerances they must be constructed very accurately.

Their frames should be heavy and rigid to assure permanency of alignment. Rotating parts should be accurately balance to avoid vibration.

This project light duty value regrinder is a table model used to grind the valve faces of the used engine values to the required angle (30 0 , 45 0 ). It has two small motors, one for giving speedy motion to the value stem and another one for rotating the grinding wheel.

A swiveling head is attached to correct and to set the value angle to the desired level.

Advantage of this value - regrinding machine is that it is very simple in construction and its cost is very low when compared with the costly machines performing the same operation