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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main aim of this project is to access the information about the vehicles such as its register number, at the check post areas without their knowledge


In this project we planned to trace the vehicle information such as the vehicle number at the check post areas so that we can easily monitor all the vehicles without any inconvenience. In such areas we cannot get information about all the vehicles if we manually monitor it and also it is very tedious when there is heavy traffic.

Also with the help of this project we can able to maintain whole record of vehicles crossed that check post in terms of date and time. With this accurate data we can resolve many problems.

In this project we are implementing RF transmitter in the vehicles and the receiver is placed at the stations wherever we want this kind of monitoring process. All the transmitters are programmed to transmit at same frequency with a unique security code so that unauthorized persons cannot send the vehicle information for doing mal practice.

Here these transmitters are programmed to send the vehicle information such as its registration number and model number along with a unique security code. These transmitters are set so as to send these information only up to a certain distance so that it cannot be mingled with other information.

The receivers will receive this information and it gets updated in their PC for further manipulation. Here IR sensors are used to detect the direction of the vehicles and according to this the information are updated in their PC