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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to measure the inputs required for diesel plant operation such as fuel level & temperature, air circulation, engine conditions etc. After monitoring these conditions, the engine will be started from front panel operations so as to enable the power supply. The measurements are also being taken in the out put side for Voltage, Current, Power & Power factor.

This monitoring and control is going to be designed by using virtual instrumentation concept using LabVIEW software.

The virtual panel of this automated system is going to monitor the input and output conditions through PCI - 6024 E DAQ card. This card provides the conversion and amplification over the measured.

The LabVIEW software is for developing virtual instruments which provides he functional compaibility with real time instruments. For real time interface Data Acquisition Cards are used for acquiring the signal. Analysis and control signal generation are generated by VI.

This can be accessible via Internet, Network and TCP/IP with online reports. This software is capable to detect the functional work of PLC, SCADA and MATLAB. Additionally, it has a high storage capacity and speed since it is operated based the processor specifications of the computer