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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Aim of our project is to prevent the theft of bikes by using the wheel locking system. We are using solenoid switch as the main device for locking the front wheel of the two wheeler(disc brake system only) Now we are adopting this setup only for the disc brake systems involved bikes.

Solenoid is a device which works in linear movement. It consists of plunger, that plunger moves in TOO & FRO direction, when it is connected to the battery supply.In disc brake system, the brake lever is used to activate the action of disc brake. Our plan is to use the solenoid to activate the action of disc brake when the ignition key is in OFF stage.

So we need the programe to controle the function of solenoid. The programme must be in such a way that, when bike in IDLE STATE or IGNITION KEY IN OFF , at that time if an unauthorized person tries to move it, then after certain rotations of the front wheel the MICROCONTROLLER must take action with a help of sensor by sensing the rotation of the front wheel & it must active the solenoid function.


Anti Theft Wheel Locking System

solenoid: voltage 12volts

current 5amps

battery: voltage 12volts

current 7amps