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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Unified wheel opener is a special purpose tool made to open/close all the nuts of a wheel in one time less effort. Although various methods of opening nuts are used, but they require a lot of effort to open a single nut one by one.

With the help of Unified Wheel opener we made arrangement to open/close all the nuts by amplifying the torque. Different types of gears & sprockets are arranged in such a way that if we apply 1Nm torque with our hand, then we get 20Nm torque as output for combined operation. In the work, we concentrate only one application domain i.e.

Wheels of car- Maruti 800. The main objective of work is to develop a mechanism in one assembly, which can be made in automobiles. It can be successfully used as a standard tool provided with a new vehicle. Also it can be used in assembly line of automobiles, workshops and service stations. Designs is simple, easily workable, and economical and try to satisfy all the aspects of design consideration

Application domain of unified Wheel Opener is in automobile industries. According to our preplanned project we describe the following places where it can be used successfully:

• It can be used as standard equipment provided with a new vehicle for the purpose of opening and refit a punctured wheel in the midway.

• It can be used in workshops to open a wheel in place of using pneumatic guns which are restricted to the availability of light and compressed air; it can be easily operated with hands.

Unified Wheel Opener

• It can be used in assembly line of automobiles where more time is consumed in tightening all the four nuts one by one. As it takes less time to fit a new tyre, it will lead to increase productivity.

A simple mechanism if used properly can lead to a great success. U.W.O. is a tool which is made for automobile field. Aim of our project is to save time and human effort. We have tried our best to adopt the design having minimum input torque and required output torque which is not possible without using U.W.O.

Spanners are used to open the wheel. Spanners in the use are of various types. The different kinds of spanners in use are shown in figure One thing is very common for all these spanners: only a single nut is opened in a single time. This causes wastage of precious time and since to open all the nuts spanner is to engaged and disengaged again and again till the last nut is unscrewed or screwed. Thus in this work a large amount of power is required to perform the requisite operation.

Four way wheel Spanner Telescopic spanner

Unified Wheel Opener