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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to inform the driver of the vehicle about the forthcoming road curve so as to prevent it from accident during the conditions such as mist etc


This project is to prevent the vehicles from accident during bad weather condition such as during mist, when the fore coming road curves cannot be seen by the driver which results in accident. In order to avoid such situation we in our project developed a new concept. This makes use of ultrasonic sensors and micro controller.

The ultrasonic transmitter and receiver are placed in the vehicle adjacently so as to receive the reflected ultrasonic waves from the obstacle which was initially transmitted by the ultrasonic transmitter. Here we can set the transmitter's coverage range through the control circuitry. During such weather conditions we can turn on this module and the transmitter then continuously transmits the wave.

If there is any bend in the road, the transmitted rays get reflected and it is received by the receiver. If this receiver receives the signal then the controller identifies and indicates the presence of the road curve and it is indicated through the LCD display and through the buzzer.

Using this, the driver can detect the presence of the sharp road bend and can drive accordingly. This project will be more useful while driving through mountainous regions, forest areas etc