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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to measure the pollution in the Air


Air Pollution Monitor project is very useful in today's situation because now day's so many peoples are using vehicles due to that corbon range in air is increased. This is very dangerous it can affect the human body, especially it cause the heart and lung diseases. Some factory's also spread the carbon nitrate in the air. So this project measure the pollution mixed in the Air.


This project is designed with Air Pollution sensor, analog to digital converter, amplifier and micro controller with LCD display. In this project we are using Air pollution sensor to measure the pollution mixed in the Air.

It is the special type of sensor and act as transducer. It will produce a voltage output corresponds to the pollution level, So it measure the pollution in the air and depends upon the pollution it generate the voltage pulse these pulses are in the milli voltage level.

So it will be given to the amplifier unit. The Amplifier unit consists of operational amplifier. The incoming small voltage pulses are amplified into certain voltage level then the amplified voltage signals are given to ADC. That is the amplification level is up to 5 volts

ADC is nothing but analog to digital converter. It is the 8-bit converter. So it signal and corresponding digital signals are fed to the micro controller.

Here the micro controller may be Atmel89C51 or PIC micro controller both are flash type reprogrammable micro controller in which we have to write an embedded program so it receive the signals from ADC and corresponding pollution range will be displayed in the LCD Display. In the software we will write an algorithm to convert small voltage changes to the pollution percentage level