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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is used to generate electric power from speed breaker. The main parts in this project are Suspension unit, Gear and wheel setup, Coil and permanent magnet.

The suspension unit is connected at the place of speed breaker, which is alternative arrangement of speed breaker. When vehicles cross the speed breaker, the suspension unit gets vibrated up and down.

This vibration causes a rod to move up and down. A flywheel is connected with the rod with gear setup. A generator is connected with the driven gear.

The coil in the generator will be rotated along with the flywheel. The gear set up is adjusted so that the coil should rotate 50 times when one vibration occurs.

According to Faraday's law, "As long as there is a change in magnetic flux linked with the coil, an emf is induced." So, In each and every rotation, electricity is generated.

Thus there is an alternate flow of electricity.

Since this uses no fuel, this is very cheap and best