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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is used for heating water using solar power.

The main parts in this project are pump, solar heater, tank, heat sensors and controlling unit.

The tank consists of two parts. In one part, the cool water is stored. A pump pumps the cool water to the solar heater. The water is circulated inside the heater and gets heated. The outlet of the solar heater is connected to the other side of the tank(hot water side).

One heat sensor is connected inside the tank of the cool water side and another sensor is connected at the outlet of the water heater. The two sensors are connected with a microcontroller unit. The sensors sends signal to the microcontroller unit.

The if the temperature of the hot water(outlet of the solar heater) is less than the temperature of the cool water(in tank) ie less solar energy, the microcontroller stops the pump motor.

Other wise(If more solar energy) the microcontroller switch on the pump motor. Thus the pump motor is operated automatically accordingly with the solar energy.

Simultaneously the user can use both the hot water and cool water.

This project is very cheap and easy to use. Since microcontroller used, the operations will be more efficient