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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The project is developed to record informational data, such as: engine / vehicle speed, temperature of the engine (5 seconds before impact), etc to revolutionize the field of motor vehicle accident investigation. It can also use for vehicle mapping and accident alert with the help of GPS and GSM technology.

This project is designed with the help of Embedded Technology. Embedded systems are playing important roles in our lives every day, even though they might not necessarily be visible.

An embedded system can be defined as a control system or computer system designed to perform a specific task and also be defined as a single purpose computer. Some of the embedded systems we use every day are control the menu system on television, the timer in a microwave oven, a cell phone, an MP3 player or any other device with some amount of intelligence built-in.

This project is designed with microcontroller (PIC), 16X2 LCD, USART protocol, Sensors, GPS receiver, GSM modem, hooter, buzzer, E2PROM card and 4X4 keypad. The Black box or Event Data Recorder (EDR), records information about your vehicle and you driving habits. It records speed, temperature of the engine, distance travelled, status of fuel level, location information and more.

The EDR can provide, for an investigator trained to understand the data, a "snapshot" of what a car and its driver were doing in a crash. It include the ability to collect statistically relevant crash information to improve the safety of cars and trucks, demonstrate the efficacy of traffic laws (like those addressing speed etc), and to allow immediate notification of an accident to emergency personnel

Project also implements a vehicle security system with the help of magnetic sensor and GSM modem. When vehicle is trespassed, the system will alert the user by sending sms Another part of the project is the external EEPROM card reader side.

The information in the EEPROM Card can be retrieved with the help of this I 2 C Card reader. In this reader the microcontroller reads the data from the EEPROM card and these parameters will send to the computer via an RS 232 interface. The computer front end is designed with VB interface which is used to create the event logger and graphical representation of these data