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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Accidents threaten human lives more and mainly road accidents are more common today. No one can predict when and how it will occur.

Nowadays-even accidents are happening even for standing vehicle by the other one, which is in move. In order to avoid such collisions we have designed the system called "Micro controller based Bus backside accident alert system". It is mainly used to avoid the accident behind the vehicle, which standing/running back side of the vehicle.

This project contains two sections. These are transmitting and receiving section.

In transmitting section, one ultrasonic sensor is used to transmit the signal. Similarly in receiving section, another ultrasonic sensor is used to receive the signal.

Micro controller is used to record those signals and then detects if there is any changes or variation in normal operation. Then the message will send to LCD display and the buzzer.

The buzzer alerts the driver. Thus within few microseconds we are able to avoid the accident. In future, this project will play an important role in public