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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The aim of Automatic Packaging Systems project is to automatically fill the liquid in the bottles without any assistance of humans which enables to reduce the work load as well as the time consumed


This project is very useful in beverage and also in water purifying industries to reduce the work load and also the man power for this task. Here we developed a project which is used to fill the bottles with the given liquid automatically.

Here a stepper motor is used to rotate the disk on which the bottles are placed. These bottles are rotated as per the programmable schedule. The rotating angle depends upon the total number of bottle placed and also according to the diameter of the disk.

The liquid is allowed to flow from a valve and it is placed in a constant position and only the bottles are moved accordingly to fill it. The valve opening and closing depends on the amount of the liquid to be filled in and it is also programmed through the micro controller