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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Voice Interactive System for Schools/Colleges project is developed for the users to track student's information through telephone.

It mainly consists of DTMF decoder, Microcontroller unit and PC. When the user makes a call to the particular number, the unit prompts the user to enter the register number. The user has to enter the register number through the telephone keypad.

The DTMF to BCD converter converts the code and the microcontroller analyses the signal and sends to the PC through RS232 and serial port. The PC searches the correct data for the particular number and replies the details.

The details are sent through the telephone line so that the user can hear it. The unit then prompts the user whether to continue or not.

This system is fully automatic and it is very easy for the users since it uses voice reply.

The design and port programs are written in Visual Basic. The Microcontroller program is written in assembly language. The microcontroller used is PIC 16F73