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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Inverter is used as a power supply in the absence of Electricity. It consists of four major parts. They are Oscillator, Driver, Switch and Step Up sections.

The Oscillator section is used to generate oscillating signals. The frequency of the oscillating signals is controlled by the microcontroller PIC16F73.

The Driver section receives the oscillating signals and drives two transistors. The two transistors are 180 degree out of phase. These two transistors then drive other two power transistors each.

The power transistors then drive other three power transistors each. Another six power transistors are used as a switch for DC voltage. The oscillated DC voltage is derived at the end of six power transistors.

The step up section steps up the oscillated 12V DC to 230V AC. The 230V AC is derived at the secondary of the power transformer. The voltage is given to a relay. The relay is used as a commutator, which sends either Main power or Inverter power to the output socket automatically