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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is to implement the system for automatic toll collection of vehicles and to control the entry and exit of the vehicles.


The purpose of the project is to provide an accurate and safe environment for toll collection and to automatically control the vehicle movements at the toll stations by providing individual identities to each user with the help of smartcard technology


Here in this project we will be giving the smart card to the drivers so that whenever the vehicle comes the driver will access his cards and only the authorized person can enter and pass out if the card is valid and also if enough amount is present in the card.

The card will be placed in front of the reader and the card is checked for validation then the concerned amount will be reduced from the card and then the gate will be opened and the vehicle will be allowed.

This project access the vehicle with the help of smart card there amount data will be reduced from the card where the account details will be maintained. There is a power supply circuit for powering the controller and also the other circuitry.


• Embedded C

• Keil IDE

• Uc-Flash


Micro controller

Power supply

smart card reader


Motor Driver



With this project we can implement an automatic toll collection system which is reliable and much secured and can control the movements of vehicles using smartcard technology