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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to control the Robot for Application through the solar power. This project is used to the Robot Controller Application in the remote areas. Solar energy is used to give the power to robot because now a days power demand is increased due to this power failure happen many time.

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with Microcontroller, Driver Circuit with Motors, solar panel, charging circuit with battery and Robot Model.

Solar panel consists of number of silicon cells, when sun light falls on this panel it generate the voltage signals then these voltage signals given to charging circuit. Depends on the panel board size the generated voltage amount is increased.

In charging circuit the voltage signal from the board is gathered together and stored in the battery. The battery power is used to control the robot.

Here Microcontroller may be Atmel or PIC Microcontroller both are flash type reprogrammable Microcontroller in which we have already programmed. The set of keys in the key pad is used to control the robot such that forward, reverse, right and left.

The deriver circuit controls the motors which are attached in the robot. The deriver circuit constructed with transistors to turn ON and turn OFF the relays. The relays output are directly connected to motors. When we press the keys in the key pad the signal is given to microcontroller. Now the microcontroller activates the driver circuit. So the robot is moving in the corresponding direction


• This project is very useful in the industrial application