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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to charge the cell phone with help of solar power. This project acts as instant charger. This project is used in important places such as Petrol Bunks, Bus Stand, Railway Station and Theatre and so on.

This project is designed with

• solar panel,

• charging circuit,

• battery,

• Mobile phone.

Now days power demand is increased, due to that power failure happen often a day. Solar power generation is the one of the effective method to generate the power. Today's most of the houses using this method to generate power for home appliances.

In our project we are using this effective method to generate power for charge the cell phone. Solar panel consists of number of silicon cells. When sunlight falls on these cells, it generate voltage pulse and gathered together then given to charging circuit.

The different cell phones sockets are connected in the charging circuit. Such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG through which cell phone is charged. We can also use battery to save the generated power.


• High reliable

• Versatility

• Less expensive

• Low power consumption