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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The Solar Cell Tester tests the electrical performance of solar panel under simulated sunlight. A xenon arc lamp with an optical filter provides a close match to the sun light Global solar spectrum. The simulator spectrum meets the highest International specifications.

The Solar Cell Tester measures current-voltage (I-V) characteristics. Its high resolution also permits testing of very small area devices. Separate current and voltage probes on the solar panel provide I-V measurements.

A programmable electronic load varies the resistance across the cell to measure its I-V characteristics. By adjusting the lamp intensity, controls the measurement process, and acquires cell performance data.

The measured data will be displayed in the LCD which is like an inverse exponential curve. When the open voltage is maximum, the current will be zero. At the maximum load current the voltage will be zero.

The voltage will measure through potential transformer connected and the current is measured through current sensor which outputs are given to ADC. The ADC output is processed through microcontroller and displayed in the LCD. Through the DAC output we can vary the load that means light intensity is varied through DAC. These all are done automatically


Used in testing a conventional solar cell

Simplicity of the equipment

Operated by inexperienced personnel