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Published on Nov 30, 2023


In a process control industry, it is very difficult for a person to be present or to monitors the system continuously. If not, there occurs damage in the whole process industry. In order to view the process continuously and to check the status of the process we are going to use our project "SMS CONTROLLED INDUSTRIAL CONTROLLER".

This project has been implemented in various platforms, now we are going to do this project using LABVIEW Here we can monitor any number of process parameters. The hardware unit consists of all the hardware requirements needed for the process.

This project is implemented by using LABVIEW software to send the message when there prevails any deviation in the process station. Suppose to say, if we are monitoring eight parameters we have to set the limits for all the parameters so that if any parameter value goes out of range then the corresponding message will be sent to the operator indicating there is a deviation in the process.

The parameters like temperature, voltage, speed, current, level, pressure etc. can be measured by using the LABVIEW software. The hardware unit is interfaced with the system using LPT terminal to PC. In our program we have to enable the parallel port mode by setting the appropriate register values to the port. By using ADC configuration using the program, data acquisitions from different channels are performed. Plotting the graphs for these values with respect to time.

If the parameter value goes out of range, then the message is sent to the operator. One mobile is connected to the PC that is having the hardware interface unit and the other one will be with the operator. To send the message to the other user, we have to do the following settings.

First of all we have to establish serial communication using VISA card. After setting the serial communication mode, enter the phone number and the message that has to be sent. This will indicate only if there is any deviation in the parameter value. We can also use buzzer to get ON whenever the data's acquired goes out of range by using DIGITAL OUTPUT configuration using the LABVIEW program.

For this we have to out the data as 1 or 0 to ON and OFF the buzzer unit for indication purpose. The hardware unit is interfaced with the PC by accessing the parallel port and the mobile phone is connected with the PC by accessing the serial port. The Speed parameter can be measured and controlled by using DAC configuration in lab view. Initially set the motor speed at a particular rpm by using the above said mode by counting the data from 00 to FF.

By using DIGITAL INPUT configuration, count the number of pulses for every five seconds and convert it into rpm. Compare the current speed with the set speed and out the data using DAC configuration and monitor the speed value in the PC through LPT terminal. If the parameter value goes out of range, then the message is sent to the operator


• This project is very useful in the industrial application