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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to send the SMS indication to train, when the track is cut or the workers or working on the track.

This project is designed with

• Microcontroller

• Vibration sensor

• RS 232

• Data cable with mobile

• Key

In this project the vibration sensor is placed on the track. It is fabricated with peizo electric plate. It converts the mechanical vibration in to electrical signal. The vibration sensor output is given to amplifier in order to amplify that electrical signal.

Then the amplified signal is given to microcontroller. And we have one transmitter and receiver both are connected with cables. These are closely attached with track, if the track is cut, this cable will also cut.

In real time we have this vibration sensor, transmitter and receiver in track for every 200 meters. Or we can extend this distance using amplifiers. When the train comes on the track, the vibration sensor detects the train's vibration and sends a low pulse to the microcontroller.

Whenever the controller detects a low pulse from sensor, it will send a checking data to receiver from the transmitter. If the receiver gets the signal without loss means, the receiver send a high pulse to controller then it identify the track is good.

If the receiver didn't receive the signal means the controller will sends a warning SMS to the receiver mobile, which is in train, through the transmitter mobile, which is interfaced with microcontroller.

The RS232 is used for communicate the controller and mobile. So the accident can be avoided. When the workers are going to work on the track means they will press one key, which is interfaced with microcontroller. Then the controller will send an alert SMS to the receiver mobile. Before this we have to program the microcontroller for this application.


Low power consumption.

It is very useful to know the info rmation about the track and railway workers.

Avoids the accident caused track damage