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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Most of the car drivers used the reverse radar or a reverse camera to detect the road situation behind the vehicle when it is engaged in reverse gear. As a matter of fact, the pedestrians can virtually know if the vehicle is backing up or not only by seeing the permanent bright reverse lamps. And as there is not much change with the reverse lamp to be seen, therefore their warning function for pedestrians seems to be still insufficient eventually.

Therefore, this research tries to design a set of embedded intelligent car backup warning system so as to promote the safety of the walkers or the other drivers on the road. This embedded system uses Microsoft Win CE operating system and matches with the Mini2440 developing board. It also uses the Visual Studio 2005 for developing the intelligent touch panel operating mode.

The UART interface on the Mini 2440 developing board controls the frequency converter, RC server and LED by using PIC16F877 to transform the signal of the sensors. And then, connecting to the sensors of angle, luminosity and distance so as to read the voltage value of the sensor and transferring them into actual values and followed by using 27 fuzzy logic rules to carry on the fuzzy logic deduction. And the angle of the LED reverse lamp bracket is adjusted and driven automatically according to the results of this logic deduction eventually.

This research tries to do the simulated test by using a mobile frame in the same height as a real automobile. To let the test mobile frame being located 240 cm away from the obstacle and then start the driven motor and set the frequency of it to be with 60 Hz. (in other words, its speed is approximately in 2.52 Km/h.) the let the test mobile frame to stop at 40 cm in front of the obstacle.

We found out that the warning lamp bracket installation angle will be changed correspondently with the distance between test mobile frame and obstacle and being declined automatically from 90 degree to 0 degree. Apparently, from th- - e test results, it has been proven that this system can reach the goal of automatically controlled car back-up warning function truly