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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is developed for the users to have security through Cellphone. Usually if someone tries to open the door or shutter, the security unit produces siren. But this project is specially designed to send messages to the owner and intimates the owner that there is something strange.

The main part of the Unit is Microcontroller and Magnetic sensor.

When the owner closes the door or shutter, he will on the switch attached in the GSM kit. After that if some one tries to open the door, the sensor senses and sends signal to the Microcontroller unit. The micro controller immediately sends signal to the GSM kit. It sends messages to the particular user.

If the owner and other numbers set are busy, again and again it tries to the particular numbers. Thus the owner has to come and handle the situation.

This unit also senses if there is any fire. If happens, it will do the same operation and tells the owner that there is fire.

This project is very useful in Houses, Industries, Institutions, Shops etc where hitech security is needed.