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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Door Control Using E_Card project is developed for the users to control a door through Electronic Card. It is a specially designed card. Each employee in the company will have the E_Card. The card is designed using logical values. Each card will have different logical value.

The card holder(Slot), display and key pad are connected with the main door. As soon as a employee insert a card in to the slot, it evaluates the card and prompts about the password to check whether he is an authorized person or not.

If he is an authorized person, the microcontroller sends signal to the controlling circuit and the circuit generates analogue voltage to the door motor. Thus the door opens automatically. It he is not an authorized person, the door does not open and it generates a siren there by displays that he is not an authorized user.

This is very much used in companies where security and authentication are required. If this is connected with a computer through its Serial port, it will display all the information about the particular individual.

This project uses Assembly language as Microcontroller language