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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Our project aims to control and sharing the load automatically using micro controller.

This is an innovative project, which aims to sense and control the load automatically with the help of micro controller. The main concept of the project is to indicate and cut-off the supply line to the load if the load current exceeds the pre-set current.

The micro controller is the heart of our project, which is programmed to control various devices. The keypad is interfaced with the micro controller. Using the keypad the maximum permissible load current is set. The micro controller is programmed to store the set load current. The CT is used to minimize the range of the load current.

The minimized range of load current is fed to the ADC, which converts the analog signal into digital. The LCD display is provided to display the set current. The converted digital signal is interfaced with the micro controller. The micro controller is programmed to compare both the values of the set current and the incoming from the CT

If the incoming load current from the CT is lower than the set current, it is known that the operation is smoother. But if the incoming load current is higher than the set current, the micro controller actuates the relay, which is placed at the incoming side of the load. When the relay gets activated, it switches OFF the supply to the load. The buzzer is provided in our project to alarm when the load current exceeds the permissible limit