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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Now a days train accidents are occurring frequently in India. The one of the main reason for train accident is the traveling of two trains in same track in opposite direction. In order to avoid the accidents in the blind carvel area due to the above reason we have designed this project.

It is carried over in embedded system with the help of 8051 microcontroller ir transmitter and receiver. It identifies the status of each train using IR transceivers and inform it to other trains and to the near by sub station.

IR transmits its status and receives the status of other trains. Here in this project we are going to establish the collision avoidance system for train in the same track. To achieve this objective, we utilize IR transmitter and receiver section for every station with microcontroller unit and relay circuit.

These IR transmitter and receiver are to identify the arrival of train in every station. This train arrival is totally monitored in the microcontroller and the microcontroller is programmed to prevent the collision of train by sensing the train arrival stations.

This power for the train is controller by the relay circuit. This relay driver circuit with relay is controller by the microcontroller unit according to the train arrival. If the train arrives in the same track if the consecutive stations in same direction.

This microcontroller with IR transmitter and receiver will identify the trains and microcontroller will control the relay driver to safeguard the two trains by switching the relay