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IOT Based Power Monitoring Socket

Published on Nov 30, 2023


We all know that power is nothing but the rate at which the electric energy is transferred by an electric circuit. Power is an important electrical quantity and today everything in a world depends on having the power to keep them running. Due to industrial growth & urbanization power is a basic need of our life. The need of the power has made it a strategic commodity of the life. Any vulnerability about its supply of energy can undermine the working of whole economy. It is the necessity to manage the consumption of power due to limited availability of resources. So the aim should be to recognize & eliminate the misuse of electricity by figuring out which equipment utilizes how much amount of electricity.

In this new era of internet of things (IOT), we can connect the physical world to internet. Physical world means literally everything like machines and appliances which are used in our jobs and at homes, etc.

The things or objects can be changed into smart things by giving it unique identity in the world. The objects can share information and communicate with each other through web. We can analyze, monitor and control the objects anytime, anywhere from the corner of the world.

Using IOT it is possible to monitor the power consumed by a particular device at home or in any industry.


The greenhouse effect energy saving is the one of the critical issue in designing the electronic appliances. The smart houses it is the house equipped with highly advanced automatic light systems, temperature controlling systems, security controlling mechanism and some other functions can seen everywhere in world. The Residence Energy Control System (RECOs) is basically based on wireless smart sockets and technology as Internet of Things (IOT) technology, not only to monitor and control the power consumptions but also to manage the energy consumption of controllable appliances. The fast development of electrical makes our lives become more and more convenient. Social demand for power supply capacity is becoming more and more strictly.

On one hand is how to save power; On the other hand is how to meet the need of the society of electricity ,this area has being one of The most intractable problem therough out the world, under the environment of internet of things intelligent socket realizes to consume capacity and feedback to the client's function timely. A network system which connects electronic devices, sensors, software and concerned network entities together will make a network of internet of things, which will provide more services to users. Moreover this system deals with the complete savings of energy in the home appliances, as compared to the old system this system includes IoT based project the system control through internet by using a GPRS network.

This saves more percentage of energy as compared to the earlier based system. As we can say in the earlier system model, the usage of internet is not adopted, where in the mode the usage of internet is adopted which make use of usage of on and off anywhere. There are many theories and controlling methods are proposed using internet of things, developed a tablet computer based home energy management scheme to monitor the energy agency. In this system the energy saving, the energy efficiency users living convenience all are need to be balanced.


The primary objective of the project is to develop power electrical sockets which can monitor the amount of energy flowing through them. This would help to keep a track of the power consumed by a particular device hence making us save power efficiently. The objectives are

 To develop smart sockets which display the power consumed by particular socket.

 To connect the sockets to internet so that the power consumed through the sockets can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

To develop a cloud application to monitor the power consumed by every such socket in home thus making us monitor power using cloud enabled devices


We are giving power supply to the analog measurement circuit which is further connected to load and IOT through the controller, and at the load we are using LCD display

 In the analog measurement circuit, we are using relay and current sensing circuit to sense the current consumed by the particular device

 In the internet of things (IOT), we are using Arduino to calculate the power consumed by the particular device and we are using cloud data to send the information to the mobile.

The power consumed by the particular device will be displayed on the LCD Display as well as the power rating of each device will be read through mobiles using IOT.

Block Diagram

Power Monitoring

Results and Tabulation

Result: Practical results

Power Monitoring

Future scope of work:

This implementation can be further extended by creating a network of all other electrical appliances. One such example would be using a connected thermostat, water heater & smart watch. Based on the body temperature of the bearer, the temperature of the other two appliances can be altered accordingly. The ability of Internet of Things is limited to our imagination & there is an immense scope in this field.


This project is expected to monitor the energy consumed by each device separately, and let the user know if some device is consuming power. Currently the electric meters installed in home show is the total consumption of power in the home and there is no such existing technology to monitor the power consumed at each & every socket of the home. This project aims to implement such technology by developing smart sockets which can keep a track of power consumed through a particular socket and display it on an android application over the internet. This would help the users use high consumption devices more effectively thus saving power.


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Project Done By Ms. Daneshwari Dumbali, Mr. Mahantesh Kadagoudar, Ms. Manjushree Abbigeri, Ms. Laxmi Mattur