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E-Defense for Women Safety

Published on Dec 05, 2020


According to the national crime records bureau, the total number of rape cases in India was a staggering 228650 and Delhi, the national capital accounted for 5234 of those and in 2011 according to ministry of home affairs a total of 24193 cases were reported. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Rape is notoriously under reported crime, thanks to its social stigma. A woman is raped in every 21 minutes in India and every 18 hours in Delhi. It’s shameful for the whole world. The primary reason behind such shocking statistics is the society which is prejudiced against the girl child, lack of proper policing, ineffective laws, etc. While the long term solution should aim to correct the above factors. Now there is requirement of some changes. By observing such bad conditions of woman in the world we are designing and developing this project. This project has the potential to help the woman by the technologies used in it. In this project we are designing a device that can be used by woman for help in emergency situations as it can send information to family members and to near police station.


In today's world, women safety has become a major issue as they can‟t step out of their house at any given time due to physical/sexual abuse and a fear of violence. Even in the 21st century where the technology is rapidly growing and new gadgets were developed but still women and girls are facing problems. Even today in India, women cannot move at night in many places and even at day time crowded places hundreds and thousands of incidents of physical/sexual abuse happens to women every day. Among other crimes, rape is the fastest growing crime in the country today.

The device descried here is a self defense system specially designed for women in distress to help them to protect themselves. This device can be fitted in a purse, belt or fitted to the girl‟s sandals and the panic button attached to the belt. The lady in danger can activate the system by pressing emergency button on belt or tilting her sandal. It is a simple and easy to carry device with wide range of features and functionality.

The basic approach is to intimate instant location and a distress message to the cops and registered number like parents, friends, media, and women cell etc. so that unfortunate incidents would be averted and to provide real time evidence for swift action against the perpetrators of crime against women


In emergency situations, woman can press the emergency button fitted on the device. When the button is pressed, the device will activate a buzzer to alert the public and also it will generate shock wave to attack the enemy. The microcontroller will receive the location information from the GPS receiver and send a message to the family member about the emergency situation with location information so that they can take necessary action to help the woman.


The device will also send an emergency message to the nearest police station with location information via RF technology which will help the police to reach the area immediately and provide help. In this Project, we are designing a device which can carry by woman every time and they can use it in emergency situations to alert neighbours, send information to family member and to nearby police station. This device is also designed to generate shock waves to attack the enemy.

Hardware Requirements:

 Microcontroller – Atmel AT89C51.

 16X2 LCD Display

 SIM300 GSM Modem

 RF Transmitter and Receiver.

 IR Transmitter and Receiver

 Buffer and Driver circuit

 Relay

 Buzzer

Software Requriements

 Embedded C

 Keil Micro Vision 3

Block Diagram

Women Side:


Location Antenna:

Location Antenna

Police Station Side:



This device provides one-touch activation. Therefore results in activation of Buzzer, Shock Generator, Hidden Camera and alerting Police Station and a family member. This proves to be a device of safety and defense.

This device can play a major role by providing women a safe environment in all situations for example (detecting hidden camera, physical threatened, harassed, robbery, stalked). Implementing real time application and a device, we can solve the problems to an extent. With further research and innovation, this project is used as a small wearable device like watch, pendent etc.

Scope for future work:

We have introduced an emergency device for the safety for women. The proposed device is helpful for girls whenever in danger. It is designed in such a way in managing to get confidence in any hour of the day.We made an ALL IN ONE security device which has all features in one click. More importantly, it can perform some functions like self defense, immediate stimuli to the conducted activity, awareness to the society. In this project we have used GSM & GPS, IR transmitter, Shock generator and Camera. These are many features & areas that can be improved & explored.

Possible expectations include;

A) Pepper spray for self defense.

B) Inbuilt memory storage of camera recording.

C) Can improve the connectivity to every geographic location.


Our primary goal of this project is to ensure every woman in our society to feel safe and secured. According to the survey in India 53% of working women are not feeling. Output – message alert from the device when triggered. Output message sent from hardware. Women is working in night shift (Bangalore-56%, Chennai-28%, Hyderabad-35%, Mumbai-26%). In Overall 86% of working women in India, women facing hurdles are high in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune comparatively to other places. The concept of women safety device is case study, which is important to our society. Here we use the interfacing of GSM and GPS modem in ATMEL, AT89C51 processor. Using Embedded C language, we program for the two projected locations i.e., the women side and the police station’s location. The alert message from the emergency key grabs the attention of the police station side using combination of IR and RF. GSM working is based on the AT commands. We must also be wary and vigilant about users’ privacy and security issues. These factors are key to marketplace acceptance of these new connected products.


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