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Mobi-Device Controller

Published on Nov 30, 2023


This model uses wireless communication. This model receives the SMS data from remote mobile and control the particular any AC or DC devices. The information is send to the remote mobile and the message is sent through SMS.


In this project, we have two modules:

1. SMS (Fbus) Communication.

2. Controller.

3. Controller for RF Handset

Mobi-Device Controller

The master part consists of MAX 232,RS 232,Microcontroller, mobile communication system. The SMS Communication is the heart of the system. This is where the main data processing takes place and the micro controller mainly does it. When anyone wants to control any device in the house. This is done by sending a SMS to the owner of the house whose phone number is already present in the micro controller.

The communication takes place when the appliance is on/off. In the initial condition the micro controller is receiving high signal from the device. The micro controller processes this data and if intrusion has taken place, a message is passed onto the mobile using MAX-232 and RS-232 and a SMS is sends to the owner that the intrusion has taken place.

Also we can control the all Devices through RF Handset. In this module we can also add features, which can control through voice in the house, and you can also see and do speech communication inside his house.