MOBI E-COPS With Multiprocessor System


The wireless security system is used to detect motion, Fire, Gas, doors and windows of home systems using wireless based communication. Sensors that detect intrusion, smoke, Fire and even the sound of a tornado can be integrated into alarm and home systems to provide a complete picture of what is going on inside and outside a home. Remote telephone and notification devices can be added to most security systems to ensure that everyone who should know there is a problem can be found and notified. Auto dialers, for dial phone numbers and play a prerecorded message alerting someone that there is trouble. Many systems can call several locations until the homeowner is found and enters a security code. More advanced systems offer the homeowner the ability to hear and even see what is happening inside the house in real time.

Main process of the system:

 Multiprocessing
 Wireless Multiprocessor Communication
 Scheduling

This System Consists of Two Modules:

1. Embedded Server controller
2. Embedded sensor controller

Embedded Server controller

This system consists of Phone, Keyboard and LCD with wireless mode using multiprocessor communication.

Embedded Sensor Controller:

It consists of all sensor modules. To receive and send the data from the Embedded Server controller Machine through RF Communication using wireless mode

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