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General Application For Multiple Extension (G.A.M.E)

Published on Nov 30, 2023


Smart-phones are extensively used by everyone these days. It has almost reached to an extent that it can now replace the use of PC/Laptops, Music players, Television etc. Though all such features have been integrated in the smart-phones, smart-phones are not really smart. Because, in any smart-phone irrespective of its platform, needs a specific application to run a particular feature. For example to play a music file it needs Music player Application. Similarly to play a video file it needs a separate application. This results in high memory and other CPU resources usage. In order to avoid this problem we are introducing an Android application: “G.A.M.E”. “G.A.M.E” which stands for General Application for Multiple Extension is an android application which can read files of almost any format. This application can avoid the overhead of using many applications on an android smart-phone and it also includes features like the text-to-speech converter and Smart-View. Overall it will be a one stop destination for the user.


The main objective of this project is to develop an android application “G.A.M.E”, which will be one of the appreciated apps for users of all age. This android application enables the user to use it on their android smart-phone with no worries about installing dedicated apps for distinct features. The app is implemented with clear-cut idea keeping in mind of the avidness and concern of every user. The app bears a simple yet attainable user interface that will be every user’s point of attraction. The key idea of the overall project being “one for all”, it stands by its name and presents the necessary purpose. G.A.M.E will be a first unique application implemented which will be a gift to the growth of technology in today’s world. The application also focuses on improving the experience of the users who often work with multiple file extensions and at the same time concentrating on enhancement of space efficiency (memory). With good features such as text-to-speech converter and Smart-View, the aim is to create a best and user friendly application which will receive much appreciation and success in this competitive era.


G.A.M.E Architecture

The Figure 1 gives a brief architectural idea and basic design. As we see in the figure, user can access different file types with a single application – G.A.M.E. User can install the G.A.M.E app on their android devices and can run it to open multiple files. The different categories of files that can be opened using the application are Audio, Video, Document, Image, APK files and Installed Apps. Once the app has been installed the user can run the app any time on his/her smart-phone. Once app is opened the user can select whatever category of files he/she want to view. The G.A.M.E app opens the necessary file and every category has its own interface. Application responds to the user inputs showing the selected file. The Smart-View is a feature that requires a computer system to be connected to the smart-phone wirelessly. This is achieved by Wi-Fi connection between both computer and smart-phone. There is a server socket program implemented in the computer and client socket program implemented in the G.A.M.E app. This client-server communication with the help of Wi-Fi makes it possible to stream the computer display on the android device.

Future Work:

Technology evolves and advances day by day and to keep up with the demands in the market, regular updates become a very important factor. In the future we look forward to improve the app in terms of security and interface. Also Smart View feature will be implemented for multiple clients. The same application will be built to support on windows phone and Apple’s iOS devices in the near future.


The G.A.M.E android application is built for every person’s use to serve their needs. If the user installs the G.A.M.E app on their devices then there is no need of so many other apps that eat so much memory space and kills battery life quickly. G.A.M.E is built to avoid all the problems that people face while installing dedicated applications to get dedicated features. We have built the app mainly to open almost all commonly used file types by an average user which saves a lot of space on their phones and avoids the lags and high RAM consumption. Primary usage of the app is to be one stop destination for every android user on the planet which also provides rich features like text editing, image cropping, video zooming, video swipe gestures, text-to-speech converter and Smart-View.

We conclude by telling that G.A.M.E app believes in the concept of one for all. It is an all in one application with good user interface. All the operations and functions it provides are implemented keeping in mind about the needs and necessity of users. It can definitely be a single replacement over so many huge apps that actually hogs the phone memory, drains battery and which in turn results in performance issues.


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Project Done By Mr. Rashwin S M, Mr. Seejal S Shetty A, Mr. Sudarshan Bhat, Mr. Vasudev P S