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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The developing world faces many health problems i.e. HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, recently swine flu and bird flu have threaten the health and lives of millions of people. Lack of infrastructure and trained man power are considered important barriers in providing proper treatment and medical care for diseases group. In this paper we will explain how to plan, design, implement and review Hospital information systems in Hospitals and healthcare projects in the developing countries. We will discuss one of the pilot projects carried out in public hospital of India demonstrating that such systems are possible and can expand to manage hundreds of thousands of patients. Our main focus will be planning and implementation of hardware and network infrastructure for HIS. Finally, we will discuss the importance of the use of open standards and open source software for developing electronic medical record systems rather than reinventing systems in isolation to enable collaboration with the members of the health and wellness value chain on a common goal i.e. improving individual wellness.


The system is aimed to help doctors as well as patients. Our system is a standalone system that can be installed on doctors and patients android phone to be used for further login, doctor understand patient related difficulties such that patient get replied as possible early and he save his precious life in few second. Here no need patient has to meet doctor physically in some case, he can get all facilities what he need in few seconds, just by sending message for appointment or getting prescription from doctor this can be done by our standalone sophisticated device android Smartphone. Here our project mainly concentrated on government hospital because government provide the facilities with which people are unaware, due to which we are unable to take all benefits of government ,but our app provide all the updates related to government facilities to poor people and also for people suffering from disease. This application consists of twelve features which are more important for patients and doctors to overcome their problems by just pressing some buttons on application. It gives overall features which are necessary for people, before entering in the hospital and it also provide direct communication to government health care officer for queries related to hospital management.


The objective of this proposed system is to develop an Android-based medical care system to deal with disease prediction, appointments and reminders, to ease the process of taking appointments, provide an easy interface to users and doctors alike, and store information securely in a data base.

Our system has the following features

1. General schemes.

2. Bill Details.

3. Alarm intimation.

4. SMS based appointment.

5. Scheme eligibility with respective user information.

6. Patient information transferring.

7. Availability and searching of drugs.

8. Searching for doctors and FAQ’s.

9. Specimen verification and report.

10. Bar-coding techniques.

11. Queries from patient to government.

12. Treatment Details.


1. General Schemes:

Government has provided many schemes which are helpful for poor people. Here the patient will know the schemes provided by the government based on their diseases.

2. Bill Details:

The system saves the patient’s related data in the android phone. The patient can see all expenditure spent for both the tablets and treatment can be viewed in the smart phone using this application.

3. Alarm Intimation:

This application provides alarm to patient which is set by person with specified time for drugs with name, so that patient can take his medicines on scheduled time.

4. SMS based appointment:

System provides facility for patient’s to send SMS to doctor, to get appointment and patient get reply from doctor if appointment confirmed.

5. Government Scheme eligibility with respective user information:

Patient can know about government scheme details based on their age and respective category.

6. Patient information transferring:

Transfer of information related to the patient, when doctor want to shift patient from one hospital to other, if treatment is not successful.

7. Availability and searching of drugs:

It gives facility to search for drugs which are available in near hospitals.

8. Searching for doctors in emergency and FAQ’s:

Searching doctors who are available in their near places and that doctor details. Also patient can ask any queries related to his health.

9. Specimen verification and report:

Here doctor will provide prescriptions based on image which is sent by patient for some physical injury visible to patient.

10. Government/private report:

Government will get report from hospital like how many patients are suffering from different disease, etc.

11. Bar-coding:

Person will get identified by specific barcode this code help to create card, here we provide achieve security so that no one can misuse.

12. Queries to government from patient:

Here patient can complain related to hospital management or doctor etc, from which patient can get all facilities provided by government.

13. Treatment Details:

Here patient will get all treatment details from his/her android cell after login to Application.

1. The platforms used in our project are Android and web.

2. The languages used are HTML, Java, PHP and SQL.

Software Requirements

1. JDK 1.5 or above.

2. Android SDK.

3. WAMP or XAMP.

4. MySQL server.

Hardware Requirements:

1. Pentium IV and above.

2. 1GB RAM.

3. 10 GB Hard Disk.

Future Work:

The Hospital Information system is a self sustaining and self integrating patient management and hospital management system. The system should be planned as per standards laid down by the country and utilizing minimum data sets (MDS). The system should be developed as per local population and workflow of the hospital. the system should be self sufficient to generate hospital reports and statistics for the top and middle level management, so that proper decisions can be taken by them. The special care should be taken off for the downtime of the HIS, and redundancy should be checked.


The Digitalization of Hospital is a Web and Android application which automates the functions of the various elements in the hospital such as assigning the schedules to the doctors, subjected to patients who are registered to respected doctors. Also helps in getting the appointment online. The software accepts the complete information about patients; this will be the one time entry. It means that once the entry is completed the information of a patient is created with a unique identification number. The availability of the drugs in the nearby hospitals can be checked by the patient through this application. The patient’s records can be transferred from one hospital to another. With the help of this identification number, billing of the patient becomes easy and fast.


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Project Done By Ms. Soumya Betadur, Ms. Divya Ankalakoti, Ms. Umme Habiba Qadri, Ms. Vijayalaxmi Kale