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Free MBA Marketing Projects Download

Sales Promotion and Customer Awareness of the Services

Standard Charted Bank has been established for over 150 years. It spans the developed and emerging economics of the world with a network of over 500 offices in more than 50 countries. Staying lean and focused: Invest in core business, optimal usage of resource, and manage performance by balancing cost and risks. With an objective to become a world-class bank, Standard Charted has adopted the strategies of: Building a world-class business: Focus on core business, provide superior customer services, and generate maximum returns and .........>>>>Read More


Comparative Study of Broadband in Telecom Sector with Airtel

Objectives of the Study 1. To know general perception of the people towards the Broadband. 2. To find out the hidden information in Broadband plans of telecom services. 3. To find out the consumer satisfaction towards the Broadband plans. 4. To get the knowledge about the Market share of Broadband service providers. 5. To find out the difference in Broadband plans of service providers. This study has been conducted to know the general perception of people towards the Broadband.  It helps to clarify how Airtel is different from others and also helps to retain the customer..........>>>>Read More


Customer Retention in Retail Sector

Consumer retention is the key success factor for any retailer in current competitive market. With a view to comprehend the competitive market scenario , the most upcoming suburb after the launch of many new retail outlets and malls, an effort was made to ascertain and analyze customer views and preferences for the same through process of Brand Recall. Also, a detailed study was made to understand the performance pattern of major competitors of Pantaloon shop..........>>>>Read More

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