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PMKVY Job Roles - Media and Entertainment Skill Council

Published on Oct 08, 2021

PMKVY Job Roles - Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC)

The Media & Entertainment Industry is projected to grow to INR 1457 billion by 2016. Therefore it becomes imperative to have skilled workforce catering to the growing needs of the industry across various subsectors in terms of quality and quantity. MESC would ensure generation of adequately skilled workforce which is industry ready and employable.

Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) has been setup under the National Skills Development Mission, Government of India under the aegis of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) and promoted by FICCI.

Courses Offered for Media and Entertainment Skill Council


Role Description: Producing a sequence of 2D/3D images using animation software

Character Designer

Role Description: Design the character pack for a production

Clean-up Artist

Role Description: Clean-up designs and artwork for production

Colour Key Artist

Role Description: Conceptualise the colour keys for the production


Role Description: Merge various layers/elements created during postproduction


Role Description: Cut, sequence and merge production raw material into a sequential output


Role Description: Design the artists look and change appearance for shoot

Layout Designer

Role Description: Design the layouts for the production

Lighting Artist

Role Description: Create lighting consistent with the creative style of the production

Make-up Artist

Role Description: D esign and execution of make - up for artists


Role Description: Create computer generated rigs for movement of models

Production Assistant

Role Description: Entry level position in the Production Department and responsible for assisting on a range of activities. All the production activities outlined below should be read in context of the âœassistive role that the individual needs to perform.

Rigging Artist

Role Description: Create computer generated rigs for movement of models

Roto artist

Role Description: Break down content to alter/re - create according to requirements


Role Description: Write full-length scripts for productions

Set Carpenter

Role Description: U nderstand woodwork requirements, manufacture the items and install them correctly on set.

Set Painter

Role Description: U nderstand painting requirements, paint a variety of surfaces and produce desired effects .

Set Plasterer

Role Description: Understand plasterin g requirements, plaster different surfaces and create plaster components on set .

Sound Assistant

Role Description: Set-up/ disassemble sound equipment and capture sound

Sound Designer

Role Description: Create appropriate sound concepts for various productions and select sound studios/equipment

Sound Editor

Role Description: Edit sound sources to create required end-products

Sound Engineer

Role Description: Record/mix sound sources to create required end-products

Storyboard Artist

Role Description: Translate the script/story into a series of illustrated frames

Texturing Artist

Role Description: Add textures to create photo-realistic models

VFX Editor

Role Description: C reate illusionary elements/images/segments for production

Voice-over Artist

Role Description: Deliver dialogues for characters

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